"I don't know.  I've never had a violent tendency.  The only thing I can think of is that Luke must have been infected somehow, then passes something on to anyone he bites.  You and me for example.  Has he bitten anyone else?" asked John.
    "Not that I know of.  We need to test your blood." Jewel answered.
    "Yes of course.  Should we go to the hospital together?" John asked
    "Not tomorrow, Friday.  I'll meet you there, say around twoish," Jewel replied as she walked John to the door.
    "Bye," John said with a wave.
    John's blood work indicated some of the same viruses as did Jewel's.  One question was why didn't John get violent, or even angry.
    "The only factor I can think of is Luke fed on me, and I ate nothing but the occasional bug.  How either of us survived is beyond me," said John.
    "Let's go to the cave and take some samples.  It must be in the water or roots you mentioned," suggested Jewel.
    "When would you like to do that?" asked John.
    "Now's good.  We can stop at the chem store and get some test tubes and swabs.  Shouldn't take more than three or four hours," stated Jewel.
    When they got to the cave site, they found landslide where the cave had been.
    "Crap," Jewel said in a disappointed voice.
    "Those plants were probably the source of the roots.  Let's test one of those," John suggested.
    They took the plant to the university for testing.
    "My god.  I used to teach here," John proclaimed when they came across one of the old buildings on the campus.
    "You sure?" Jewel asked.
    "I'm sure," John said as he sat on the grass.
    "So did Luke," replied John.
    "You're remembering. That's great. What did you teach?" asked Jewel.
    "I don't know.  Something.  I must be in the records.  Let's get these samples to the lab and see if we can find something," John stated.
    After dropping the samples off at the lab, they went to the administration building to check the records.
    "Here you are!  John Bellmont professor of literature 1829 to 1833," Jewel said in a sudden spark of surprise.
    "Here's Luke.  Luke Tanner, professor of geology 1825 to 1833.  I'll be damned," said John.
    "Ya know, until just now I didn't believe you.  Not even a little," Jewel stated.
    "I suppose I have relatives somewhere," stated John.
    "After all this time, I'd guess a lot of relatives.  Let's check the records at Town Hall," suggested Jewel.
    John rubbed his hand a crossed his mouth a few times.
    "No.  Not now.  Maybe later.  Considering the press we got so far, I can't even imagine what it would be like if this came to light.  Plus, there are no photographs.  Who would believe this story?" John said.
    "I feel like I'm in a science fiction flick, and not a nice one," Jewel stated.
    "I'm willing to bet it's going to get a lot worse.  How many people will Luke infect, and how many will they infect.  Everyone in the whole damned world might wind up eating each other.  Speaking of people, I wonder how animals are impacted by this virus?" John thought out loud.
    "I think the cops or CDC should be handling this.  What can you and I actually do anyway?" responded Jewel.
    "What would they do to you and me?  Lock us up somewhere where we can't infect anyone would be my guess," John suggested.
    "Someone is going to notice Luke's activities, if he is out there sharpening his canines," Jewel said.
    " Let's go see if that private investigator has come up with anything," suggested John.
    " If he's not people jerky in Luke's backpack somewhere in a dark alley," said Jewel.
    "I do hope I'm wrong, but something tells me he has a need if not a dependency to feed on human flesh," replied John.
    "How do you feel.  Any cravings to speak of?" asked Jewel.
    John took a while to answer.
    "Unfortunately, yes.  I can feel the anger in me growing.  It's like getting drunk, and not in a good feeling way.  I might need to go on those anti-psychotic drugs myself," said John.
   Jewel slowed her gait.
    "Seriously?" Jewel asked.
   "Seriously." recently I have wanted to punch a few people over minor irritations.  When we were having lunch the other day I kept playing with my food and thinking of the person sitting behind you, and not in a good way," replied John.
    "Behind me, but not me.  Right?" said Jewel.
    "Right.  I think of you as family or something.  Maybe like a fellow pack member.  Like wolves or something," John answered.
    "I know exactly what you mean," Jewel replied.
    Luke at that very moment was talking to a young lady he had lured to his hotel room.  Suddenly he reached out and grabbed her by the neck and began to squeeze with all his might.  In a few moments she was dead.  He was surprised of how little struggle there was. He placed her into the bath tub and began slicing off meat from her arm, and ate it as he did so.  He then cut out her liver and heart and sliced them into thin strips.  One by one he placed the strips into a butter sauce with garlic, salt, and a dash of pepper.  After having her for lunch and dinner he checked out of the hotel, and blended into the night with hot plate, sauce pan, and cutlery.
    John and Jewel arrived at the private investigators office to find a for rent sign.
    "Well I wonder what happened to him," John said with a bit of sarcasm.
    "Like I said, jerky,"Jewel replied with a laughing scoff.
    "Let's try combing through newspapers for murders of a bizarre nature," John suggested.
    "Let's pay some people looking for some extra work to do that.  Tell them we are researching something.  You know, like for a documentary or something," suggested Jewel.
"Now that's a good idea.  Where do we find them?" John asked.
    "They're all over the place.  In fact, lets hire someone to write a program to automatically search for those things," said Jewel.
Robert Evan Howard