Luke held his bag and a pillow in front of him to hide his bloody shirt as he left in hurried step.

" Here's one they are calling a vicious dog attack.  It say's a man was discovered with many bites in a lower north side apartment.  Police are searching for the offending dog.  The reporters name is Berry McLarn.  I'll see if I can get him. "  Said Jewel.

" Good idea.  See if you can get a description.  Could be our private detective. "  Said John.

Two days later the reporter gave Jewel a description that sounded like Mr. Gains, and with human bite markes not a dogs.  Jewel and John began patrolling a two mile area around the area where the attack took place.

"If anyone has a data base on felony attacks they are certainly sure to have picked up on dead people with human bite wounds. "  Stated Jewel.

" True.  Eventually someone's going to pick up on it. "  Replied John.

Luke was patrolling for his next meal when a panhandler approached him.

" Got some spare change man. "  Said the man holding out his hand.

Luke began to hum, grabbed the mans hand, and bit off part of two fingers without braking the rhythm of his hum.  The panhandler yelled, pulled his hand to his stomach, and called Luke a crazy son of a bitch while yelling as loud as he could.  Luke stopped, turned around, and would have finished his meal had there not been so many onlookers, and a new cannibal was born.

" Biting seems too popular these day's. "  Said John before relaying the whole story.

" That's not far from here.  We should ask him for a description. "  Jewel replied.

" Let's go.  Ya know, I've felt like bitting those guys myself, and that's nothing to do with our condition.  Today I want to spend some time in the subway system.  Seems like the kind of place he might choose a meal and follow it hoping for an opportunity. "  John stated.

Luke had other ideas.  He was checking areas where drugs and gangs were common.  He found a street that looked rundown with little use.  He started walking up and down the sidewalk stepping over and on a variety of junk discarded by those who had lost a fondness for it.  Just after dark two men walking on the other side of that lonely street crossed over homing in on Luke.

" You looking for something around here? "  The tall one asked.

The other one walked around behind Luke.

" Oh, you might say that.  In fact, you're the one I am looking for. "  Luke said as he began to hum while turning his head to glance at the other man.

" Just give me your wallet. "  The man said pulling a gun from his waste.

The other man also pulled a gun.

" Instead of my wallet, how about this. "  Luke pulled his carving knife, stepped forward grabbing the mans gun, and slitting his throat.  The man raised his loose arm to grab at his throat, and his gun went off.

The other man began to run firing his gun as he went.  Luke cut off the mans arm and ran in the other direction down the dark street.  After a few blocks Luke stopped under the only street light in sight to sample his supper.  He then noticed that he had been hit in the side by one of the bullets fire by the other guy.  As he fed on the arm, he noticed that the wound could not be too bad as it did not hurt much.  When he got back to his hotel that wound had already began to heal.  Luke thought the wound must not have been particularly serious.  When he woke the next day the wound had nearly healed completely. 

" My my my. "  Luke said realizing that some how he had developed some amazing healing capabilities.  At the same time he realized there was something in the cave that also provided his new physical enchantments, just as it kept him alive all those years.  Luke stood and flexed his muscles while raising his arms to the heavens, he felt all powerful, he thought of himself as a god.

Jewel and John found the injured panhandler sitting on a  planter next to the curb.  He had a large lumpy bandage around his hand.

" Hi.  I'm Jewel and this is John. "  Said Jewel holding out her hand.

" So. "  Replied the panhandler.

" Ah, we need to talk.  How about we take you to launch. "  John injected.

The man looked at them in a real skeptical manner.

" We really do need to talk about a few things...  We'll pay you for your time. "  Said Jewel.

John cocked his head in Jewels direction, and raised an eyebrow.

" It is very important. "  John added.

" My name is Jewel Handly, and this John Bellmont.  What's your name? "  Asked Jewel as they walked to the café just down the street.

" David Styles. "  David answered.

" Glad to meet you Mr. Styles. "  Jewel replied.

" So what can I order? "  Asked David.

" Anything you want. "  Stated John.

" So, want do you want? "  Asked David.

Jewel gave David a brief rundown on the events to date.  Dave just sat there without so much as a blink.

" So you think I'm an immortal cannibal.  Kinda like when a vampire bites you you're a vampire type thing? "  David asked.

" Exactly like that.  Do you have any tech skills? "  Asked Jewel.

" I was a pilot.  Took an RPG.  Survived with three wounds and was discharged.  Can't find a job, can't walk too far, can't kick the pills.  Now you tell me I'm a cannibal.  I'm having a great day.  How about you? "  David asked.

" It's a lot to take in.  Plus there are more pills in your future. "  Said Jewel.  She went on to explain the reason for the medicine.

" Of course.  What the hell else is there? "  Asked David.

" That's about it.  Other than we need to stick together, and kill Luke.  We need to stop this before everyone is contaminated. "  John stated.

" Do you have an apartment? "  Asked Jewel.
Robert Evan Howard